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Many people think an eye exam is just about checking for a change in their prescription to determine if they need new glasses or contact lenses. An Eyes & Vision eye exam is about much more, detecting not only prescription changes but also whether your eyes are completely healthy.  Eyes & Vision Optometrists take the time to look deeper and wider to evaluate the health of your eyes. While standard eye tests elsewhere may take only 15 minutes, our comprehensive examination takes up to 40 minutes and we tailor our individual optometry consultations especially for you.


Latest Technology

We offer the most thorough and advanced eye care through the latest technology including unsurpassed digital imaging with 3D OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY and DIGITAL RETINAL SCANNING. This investment in technology allows us to create cross sectional images of your retina to detect common eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic eye problems sooner and more accurately. Early detection saves your sight.


Many patients feel that if they have good vision then their eyes must be healthy, but this is simply not the case. Many eye diseases have no symptoms until the late stages of the disease when it is often too late. That’s why an eye health assessment is so important, allowing our optometrists to obtain a full view of the health of your eyes and detect any potential conditions or diseases you may have.

We always take the time to evaluate how well your eyes work together, as well as how they process visual information, to ensure not only that you get the best eyewear but also to assess if there is a better was to improve your vision and concentration, and prevent sore eyes and headaches.

Dry eye is evaluated on every patient and we actively examine for anterior eye diseases, which can contribute to sore or dry eyes, and treat these conditions.

We always take the time to advise on the best options for your unique vision, lifestyle and prescription needs.

We always take the time to advise how to protect your eyesight for the future. Your total eye health is extremely important to us. We do everything we can to make sure you receive the best eyecare possible to ensure that your vision lasts a lifetime.

Ensure your eyes are healthy and disease free.


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