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Digital Eyewear

If you spend 2 or more hours a day on a computer, smartphone or tablet,

we’d recommend a dedicated digital pair to relax and protect your eyes.

Prescription Sunglasses

See squint-free with a prescription pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses in your prescription offer superior clarity and optimal protection from damaging UV and glare.

With so many prescriptable frame options you no longer need to compromise.

Prescription sunglasses are claimable on your health fund.

Reading or Computer Glasses

If you wear multifocals or progressive lenses, we recommend a dedicated pair of reading or computer glasses.

Your neck and back will thank you and you will enjoy the wider zone of vision.

Contact Lenses

Always wanted to try contact lenses?

We have brand new lenses which are more comfortable than ever, in extended prescription options.


Backup Everyday Pair

Do you have a backup plan if something happened to your everyday pair of glasses?

It can make even the simplest of everyday activities difficult whilst waiting for a new pair.

A backup pair means you can keep living, working and driving as normal – it’s your peace of mind pair!