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World Sight Day 2023

  • by: naivision

Thursday, 12th October is World Sight Day



Did you know that 90% of vision loss is either PREVENTABLE or TREATABLE if detected early enough?


At Eyes and Vision we have the latest technology to help detect the earliest changes in your eyes. That is why it is so important to have an annual eye exam, even if you haven’t started to notice any changes. Our 4D AI can find eye conditions at the earliest stages.

And did you know that one of the major causes of vision loss in Australia is having either no glasses, when glasses are needed or the wrong glasses. That’s right! Delaying getting glasses when you need them can make your vision deteriorate faster as can having the wrong prescription lenses. By having an annual eye test, we can not only detect any early changes in your vision but we can also help put you in the best glasses to help maintain your vision for years to come.

At Eyes and Vision we believe that healthy eyes are for life!