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Eyes and Vision Optometrists

Custom Fit Technology

Whether you are buying off the rack eyewear or our bespoke customised frames and lenses, you will receive a personalised fitting.

This will ensure your eyewear is precisely customized to sit comfortably on your face and provide optimal vision.

The process includes taking over 15 different measurements including:

Frame shape

Distance between eyes

Lens position

Pantoscopic tilt

Wearing position

Custom Contact Lens Fitting

Using our Medmont Corneal Topography System, we can accurately scan and measure every millimetre of your eyes to ensure your new contact lenses fit comfortably on the first try.

We also take other factors into account, like the natural shape, size, power and relative dryness of your eye, as well as whether you require full-time or part-time use of the lenses.

Contact lenses that feel like nothing!

Treat Your Eyes to a Silky Cushion of Moisture