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Children’s Eye Exams

1 in 4 children have a vision problem significant enough to affect their learning.

Use this quiz for younger children, or children who are not yet fluent readers.

Children's vision checklist with observable signs.

Use this quiz for older children, or children who are already fluently able to read.

Children's vision checklist with observable signs for older children.

Children seldom volunteer that they have a vision problem. Usually, the first time they mention that “words move when they read” or “I can’t see the board at school” or “sometimes I see two of everything when I know there’s really only one” is when they are having an eye exam.

An annual eye exam is simple, effective and fun!

Our Paediatric Team have extra training to detect these problems.

Tracking problems can look like this

Tracking problems can also look like skipping little words, or reading “on” for “no” and “was” for “saw”. Fortunately, these problems are generally easy to resolve. The first step is a comprehensive eye examination with our Paediatric team.

Behavioural, or Developmental Optometry is a way of assessing how your eyes work together, and what your brain does with that information. This can be useful for children who have difficulties in learning.

Our Paediatric team are all skilled in Behavioural Vision Assessments, and complex cases are personally managed by our team leaders.

The first step is a comprehensive eye examination with our Paediatric team.

Visual Processing Assessments are in-depth investigations on how the brain interprets and processes visual information.  These assessments encompass a range of cognitive skills related to visual perception, including visual discrimination, spatial relationships, visual-motor integration, and more.Visual processing assessments can help identify underlying issues that may be hindering an child’s ability to learn, read, or perform well academically. Problems in visual processing can often be mistaken for learning disabilities, making these assessments an important step in the diagnostic process.

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